Valuing families is at the heart
of what we do.

It’s one thing to work with a vendor that supports your mission. It’s even better when your vendor is built to serve ACF’s mission.

TCG’s goal is to improve the world around us, in big ways and small, every day. We understand the value of families and the important role they play in the lives of children and the community. We also understand the power of government to improve the lives of those they govern. And we know we can help by providing the IT support you need to achieve your mission.


TCGers working with Backpack Buddies and Generosity Feeds to pack meals for local families in need. 


Enabling better child nutrition through data U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS)

School systems across the country rely on the Child Nutrition Database (CNDB) to ensure the meals they serve to America’s children meet the USDA’s nutritional guidelines. Unfortunately, the database’s infrastructure aged, and the CNDB could not be refreshed and reissued. TCG fixed it, fast. In our first year, we made data submission easier, modernized the infrastructure, and made CNDB more robust and secure. We cleaned the aging database and helped food data suppliers refresh the nutritional data, making the CNDB timely once more. Now, in our second contract year, we are freeing up funds by decommissioning unneeded hardware, and we are adding even more nutritional data and making it easier to add data to the system. Because of our work — because we helped to improve the world in these small, technical ways, America’s children benefit from better nutrition, every day. That’s important for their health, their educational success, their families, and their communities.

USDA Child Nutrition Database


Saving $82bn by improving Federal IT management (U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OMB OFCIO)

For more than five years, TCG delivered broad support to OMB OFCIO, in providing leadership and direction on the innovative use of IT government-wide. In addition to Agile systems development, policy support, data management, and data analytics, we aided multi-agency collaboration, research, experimentation, and the use of cutting-edge technologies. This infographic shows the impact of TCG’s contributions to the OFCIO’s mission to improve the effectiveness of federal IT programs and the efficient use of nearly $82 billion in federal IT resources. 

Infographic: What’s the Process for Creating Federal IT Policy?


TCGers created Makey Makey inventions and compiled their inventions into an activity book. The Makey Makey kits and activity books were donated to the DC STEM Network and distributed to local classrooms. 


Attacking poverty, disease, and inequality by building healthy nations Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

MCC is a grant-making agency that invests US taxpayer dollars in developing nations. Since 2013, TCG has supported MCC’s OCIO by providing operations, maintenance, and enhancements of grants, monitoring, and administration systems. We use a tailored Agile methodology to provide full lifecycle development support using a wide range of technologies. Our work has improved the quality of work products, allowing MCC to adapt quickly to evolving requirements and provide timely data to business users and grantees across the world. TCG’s approach to supporting the MCC’s OCIO and the results of that work is explained in this infographic. 

Infographic: MCC Powers Change Across the World


As a Certified B Corporation, we strive to make positive changes in the community, the environment, and the lives of our employees and their families. Instead of competing to be the best in the world with high profit, we compete to be the best for the world and produce positive outcomes for our community.

Learn about our Certified B Corporation Status
To learn more about how TCG can support programs and ACF, contact Michael Drescher at (202) 742‑8480 or email

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