Charity Sprees make TCG Positively Distinct

by Denise Neal, Assistant to the VP of Sales & Team 

A Positively Distinct benefit of working for TCG is Charity Sprees. Instead of needing to convince my employer to allow the employees to volunteer our time together as a company, it is encouraged and funded up to $1,000. One employee can decide on a community project, get it approved and paid for by the company, and invite coworkers to participate. It is never a forced effort, and volunteering is never required. 

TCG wanted to find a way that the employees themselves, rather than management, could own the process of selecting charitable causes and organizing events to support them. We also understand that, as helpful as donations can be, most charities appreciate action more than money. Charity Sprees are a way to accomplish both and give TCG’s employees the choice of where to focus their altruism.
Personally, I am concerned about the environment and consider myself a natural advocate for Mother Earth, so volunteering for Earth Day and cleaning up the environment is something I am passionate about. I chose to organize an Earth Day clean up initiative, to  be part of the environmental awareness within my community. And, thanks to TCG, many of my coworkers were able to join me!