Dan advocates FreeCycle

Dan Turner, the chap who runs TCG, has been quoted in a Washington Business Journal article about how some local businesses save money while growing: 

Dan Turner, president of TCG, says the company’s goal is to save the government a total of $1

billion in the next five years. While he doesn’t expect his small D.C. company to save billions,

Turner is very, very savings-minded.

“I’m really cheap,” he says. “Our process for buying new equipment is that [employees] put in a

purchase request, and I reject it.”

TCG uses Freecycle for all kinds of things. Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) is a community-based

e‑mail list that enables people to give away things they don’t need and reduce the waste that goes

into landfills.

We’re big advocates of Freecycle in our house, too. We’ve had people pick up old mattresses, paints, and all manner of miscellany. It certainly saves a trip to the dump and a bunch of hassle on Craigslist!