Elegant Code’s Wonderful Blog Series on JavaScript

Up until this point, JavaScript was something I held my nose and used to get dynamic and Ajax interactions working on my websites.  jQuery made it more tollerable with its mysterious “$” syntax and its ability to zip through the DOM tree and manipulate CSS.  But over at Elegant Code, Jan Van Ryswyck has done an impressive job putting together 12 posts on JavaScript that are short yet very instructive and interesting.  I suggest it for any developer who wants to understand a bit of the magic and possibly improve their perception of JavaScript:

  1. Functions
  2. Objects
  3. Prototypes
  4. Enforcing New on Constructor Functions
  5. Hoisting
  6. Automatic Semicolon Insertion
  7. Static Properties and Methods
  8. Namespaces
  9. Reusing Methods of Other Objects
  10. The Module Pattern
  11. Functional Initialization
  12. Function Hoisting

Thanks Mr. Ryswyck!