FFATA Subaward Pilot Workgroup

Much happening on the FFATA subaward front! Here’s the best way to get the latest information and get involved, courtesy of the NGP: 

At our last webcast, the NGP offered to support Andrea Brandon and her FFATA Sub-Award Pilot Workgroup. Andrea is looking for approximately 200 volunteer grant recipients to participate, including states, local governments, non-profits, Native American and Tribal Governments/Organizations/Colleges. If you are interested in participating in this Pilot, clear your calendar to either participate in person or by conference call. This is not a Webcast! An Agenda will be forthcoming next week.

Please send an email to: TheNGP@aol.com by April 4 or earlier, confirming that you will participate in person (550 12th St SW, Washington, DC) or by conference call (details TBD) only! 

If you’re one of those people who has previously complained about government not listening to grantees, now is the time to step up and help with this important development.