And so begins another blog, and good thing too, because there weren’t enough already!

Despite all the navel-gazing that tends to occur, there have been some extraordinary uses for them out there. The ones that I read on a daily basis tend to be the ones from the Microsoft developers.

Microsoft had attained an, undeservedly imho, image as a bit of a closed, evil empire. You never got to know anyone other than Bill and VP’s that made appearances at the conferences. You also never got a peak behind the scenes to see how MS developers arrived at some of the decisions they’ve made.

Luckily- this has all changed with the staggering amount of writing their developers are doing– and that’s the real usefulness of these things- you get half a chance to know the people who are behind the scenes and get a sense of the corporate ‘feel’.

Finally the marketing-droids have let loose of the tightly controled corporate images shaped by PR-speak- and are you more likely to do business with a company that is Open and Honest and shows it in their public image?

I’ll bet that you do.