Our Social and Environmental Impact: TCG’s 2021 Annual Benefit Report

TCG became a Certified Benefit Corporation in 2019. The certification uses standards from B Lab to rigorously assess TCG’s social and environmental impact, accountability and transparency, giving us a way to evaluate the actual impact we’re having. In turn, this allows us to do a better job of positively affecting our employees, our communities, and the world.

Cover of TCG's 2021 Annual Benefit ReportTCG is also a Public Benefit Corporation. One of the requirements for PBCs is to release a Benefit Report every year to share information with our employees, customers, and community about what we’ve done to improve the world and what we plan to do in the coming year.

More than just patting ourselves on the back, the Annual Benefit Report is our perspective on problems facing most businesses today and how we as a company address them. As TCG’s President Daniel Turner says in his opening letter to this year’s report, “We’re part of a network of businesses dedicated to the same principles. In other words, we’re not alone. One business has limited impact; thousands of businesses can start to make an actual difference.”

You can find the report here: 2021 Annual Benefit Report.

You can learn more about TCG’s B Corp certification at tcg.com/about-us/b‑corp/ or reach out to us at info@tcg.com.