Quick File Thunderbird extension

I have a lot of folders in my Thunderbird install, to track projects, people, companies, and so on. When I receive mail, most of it is filtered out into the appropriate folders but that leaves plenty of others that are not caught by my filtering rules. Up to now, I’ve been using the QuickMenuMC extension, which puts the top 4 most-used folders on a right-click menu in Thunderbird. But I’ve now discovered something much better: Quick File.

Using QuickFile, you can highlight mail, hit a trigger (Control‑Q in my case), and type the name of the folder into which the mail should be filed. QuickFile autocompletes as you type, automatically finding the correct folder and making it easy for keyboard jockeys like me to quickly file messages. This should really speed up my e‑mail sessions! [Via Lifehacker]