Scott Berkun project management reading

The Personal MBA is “an entrepreneurial approach to business education.” A key part of this fantastic idea is The Personal MBA 40 which is a list of superior books about business, and two reading groups have been formed to discuss and learn from each selection. One of the PMB40 books is The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun which, I’m told, is a very good guide to being and improving as a PM. Something rather wonderful is on offer to those participating in the PMBA40 book groups:

Scott Berkun, author of The Art of Project Management, has graciously offered to participate directly in our first PMBA book reading, answering questions and expanding on the text of the book. Scott, as most of you know, has a lot of knowledge about project management and a wealth of personal experience to offer. His willingness to teach us more about project management presents a great opportunity for us to learn together and get us started off on the right foot as a group.

If you’d like to join a PMBA40 book group, go and register on the PersonalMBA site. The latest group is called “Bravo”, and the invitation to join is here.