We now have some sausages

There’s an old saying: “The butcher’s family is always the last one to get the sausages.” (There are variants dealing with shoes, haircuts, and low load mutual funds, but I think I may have made up at least one of those.) We had a similar situation here at TCG for a while but we’re now finally well fed/shod/shorn/invested because the brand-new www.tcg.com launched yesterday evening!

As usual, we employed the technology and methods we use for our clients to make this happen, deploying the site based on the open source Drupal CMS. We also had a design brief for the site:
  • Try and tell stories about our work, rather than parade endless paragraphs of snore-inducing bizspeak
  • Clean, simple design, featuring bold colors and plenty of white space
  • Cross-platform compatibility, including no custom plugins, annoying muzak, ticker bars, or other unnecessary Web-bling. (Check it out on your iPhone!)
  • Room for expansion

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding in more stories about our Big Hairy Audacious Goal to save US taxpayers $1 billion by 2016 (and how you can do the same), information for government staff on ways to buy stuff properly, and a plethora of other neat‑o features.

In the meantime, I’d welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions on the new site.