Since 1966, U.S. DOT has helped ensure the U.S. stays safely connected.


In 2024, how can U.S. DOT accelerate IT modernization to keep pace with transportation industries and keep citizens safely connected?

To foster a safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation system, the Department of Transportation and its operating administrations have been modernizing their approach to IT and data management. However, they still face challenges with legacy systems, data silos, and increasing safety concerns across every transportation section. 

Moving on from legacy systems and processes means moving on from legacy government contractors that have a cookie cutter approach.

TCG offers something better.

We specialize in IT solutions for the regulatory work foundational to a thriving economy and citizenry.


Better Means…

Efficiently managing data to save lives. (Not an overstatement.)

TCG provides support to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on the Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM). PRISM identifies and immobilizes commercial motor carriers that are prohibited from operating due to a Federal Out-of-Service (OOS) Order. TCG provided support for the technical aspects of data flow from a large truck database— with PRISM serving as a connection point between states and FMCSA.

States that fully participate in PRISM have demonstrated a:

  • 9.8% reduction in fatalities involving all commercial vehicle crashes
  • 20.4% reduction in all commercial vehicle crashes

Leveling Up Lowers Big Truck Crashes

Case Study: Transforming Data Visualization and Analytics for Better Decision Making


Making procurement easy through the SWES BPA. 

TCG, a prime contractor on the DOT Software Engineering Support Services Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is your partner in delivering the Agile transformation you desire with continual delivery of value, iterative improvement, and collaboration across development teams, product owners, and end users. 

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Developing systems for today’s requirements
AND strategic, long-term goals.

Regulatory agencies work in complex environments with technology increasing the speed and scale at which industries operate. Agencies need to modernize for the future but also meet today’s complex policy and regulatory requirements. Continually putting band aids on old systems has diminishing returns. Knowing when to patch or replace is vital.

TCG drives strategic innovation by leveraging the latest technologies while saving costs and reducing risks through smart implementation and finding new uses for tools you already own.

  • AI Enabled Technologies
  • Customized Software as a Service
  • Infinitely Scalable Cloud Services
  • Tailored Agile Development

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Webinar: Harnessing Transparent AI

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