February 6, 2024

100% of Partners rate TCG as being an “Excellent” or “Good” contractor to the Government

Every year, TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, contract management, effectiveness of communications, administrative competence, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to highlight how TCG can improve its relationships with subcontractors and service to customers. Key takeaways from this year’s 13th annual partner survey include:

  • 100% of partners rate TCG as being an excellent or good contractor to the government.
  • 100% say TCG listens to project team members and responds appropriately. 
  • 100% of Partners are “highly” or “mostly” enthusiastic about partnering with TCG again
  • 100% of Partners rate TCG as an “Excellent” or “Good” Prime

This survey is a key component of the company’s ongoing commitment to ethical, honest, and productive collaborations with partners.

With participation from 22 companies this year, the survey provides TCG with important information on areas for enhancement. 

There are always areas for improvement, and TCG will take the data from this year’s survey to make our partnerships even better. For instance, TCG received some very slight decreases in ratings to our business development and proposal response approach. Leadership will explore possible causes for this slight decrease and undertake actions to address issues as needed. As a growing business, TCG relies on continual improvement to solidify its position as the industry’s most-valued federal IT prime contractor.

We thank our Partners for their help in making this happen, both through this survey and the outstanding work they deliver on TCG projects every day.