January 25, 2021

TCG and NTIS Enter Joint Venture Partnership for Data Innovation

We are excited to announce that TCG and the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) have entered into a Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) for Data Innovation Support. As a partner with NTIS, TCG is eligible to receive funding for Federal data service opportunities in service of all Federal agencies, as facilitated by NTIS. This will include work in applied data science, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and cybersecurity. The goal of the JVP is to assist Federal agencies in leveraging data as a strategic asset to achieve mission outcomes.

NTIS is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. They help federal agencies find new and innovative ways of using data to solve problems. NTIS employees are fluent in current and emerging data technologies and are immersed in data ecosystems. Working with NTIS puts TCG at the intersection of data science and IT modernization, easing agencies’ access to our expertise while using new technologies to serve data needs in the federal government.

“Since our inception 26 years ago, we’ve been hunting for ways to apply new technologies to best save our customers’ time and taxpayers’ money.,” said Dr. Robert Buccigrossi, TCG’s Chief Technology Officer. “That search is accelerated through our Research and Development Lab. The partnership with NTIS is an exciting opportunity to work with an organization dedicated to using data in innovative ways to improve the vital missions of federal agencies.”

The scope of work includes designing, testing, analyzing, or demonstrating the application of Federal data and data services; facilitating the creation of suites of products, platforms, and services that assist Federal agencies in meeting the needs of businesses, innovators, government agencies, and others; and enhancing data discovery and usability, data interoperability and standards, data analytics and forecasting, or data infrastructure and security.