June 14, 2017

TCG Continues to Earn Top Marks from Partners

Annual Subcontractor Survey Demonstrates TCG is a Highly Recommended and Trusted Prime Contractor

Results of TCG’s 8th annual subcontractor survey show that TCG continues to prove its value to its partners by maintaining strong and effective relationships. Every year, TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, management of contracts, effectiveness of communications, administrative prowess, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to provide insight into how the company can improve its relationships with suppliers and service to customers.

Overall, TCG’s subcontractors gave the company a rating of 9.2/10 on whether they would recommend us to a friend. Continuing on the momentum of previous years’ results, TCG’s project management and processes once again received high praise and acknowledgment from our partners. Other highlights include:

  • TCG rated 9.2/10 relative to other prime contractors
  • 97% said TCG is an excellent/good prime contractor
  • 100% said TCG has excellent/good communications with subcontractors
  • 94% said TCG is aware of what is happening on the projects and act promptly
  • 97% said they are always paid on time
  • 94% are “highly” enthusiastic about teaming with TCG as their prime contractor in the future.

After reviewing the results of the survey, Dan Turner, TCG’s President, said, “The annual survey has been an essential tool in helping us evaluate our processes and our relationships with our partners. This year’s was no exception. There’s a reason we are the SBA Small Business Prime of the Year for the mid-Atlantic region. We really care about our subs and want them to be happy working with us.”

The survey was conducted in April-May 2017. A key opportunity for improvement identified by our partners this year is to schedule more face-to-face information sharing sessions to identify other opportunities on which to team. This and other suggestions are currently under consideration by the TCG Executive Management Team. With a commitment to further enhance partner management activities, TCG recently appointed Julie Dann to the new role of Partner Relationship Manager.

We appreciate the time that our partners took to complete our annual survey!