December 12, 2014

TCG Earns Top Marks from Subcontractors

Annual survey highlights successes and improvements

TCG’s annual subcontractor survey shows that the company’s relationships with its partners continue to be strong and healthy, delivering increasing value and benefits to its customers. Every year, TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, management of contracts, communication management, administration, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to identify areas where the company can improve its relationships with suppliers and its service to customers.  On average, TCG’s subcontractors gave the company a rating of 8.27/10 across all areas, with half of all subcontractors surveyed giving 10/10 across the board. In particular, TCG’s management team and back office staff received high praise from our partners.  Other highlights include :

  • 77% of subcontractors gave TCG an 8 or above overall score

  • 95% said TCG were excellent communicators

  • 100% said that they were always paid on time

  • 82% are enthusiastic about working again with TCG as their prime contractor 

After reviewing the results of the survey TCG’s President, Daniel Turner, said, “Our subcontractors are an essential part of how we deliver fantastic services and solutions to our customers. This survey gives us insight into how our subcontractors feel about TCG and whether they are committed to our projects’ success. We know we are not perfect and it is great to know we can rely on the feedback of our vendors and partners to help us continue to improve.”

The survey was done between the end of August and mid-September, 2014. Opportunities for improvement identified this year include using new methods to communicate with subcontractors and new methods of showing appreciation for partnering companies. These and other suggestions are currently under consideration by the TCG Executive Management Team.