June 21, 2019

TCG is the No. 1 Engaged Workplace in North America

TCG has been named North American Company of the Year for employee engagement. The award was presented to TCG by the Employee Engagement Awards and Conference on June 20 at the Tribeca 360 in New York City. 

The Employee Engagement Awards recognize companies that prioritize employee wellbeing and their involvement in the future of the business. TCG was selected for this award based on the strength of our employee engagement strategy. More than half of TCGers work from home full time, and the company was recognized for being a leader in creating engagement and a strong culture in a context where most employees don’t see one another in person every day.

“With regards to our overall Organization of the Year, it was the ability to engage a predominantly remote workforce that caught our judges’ eye,” said Matt Manners, founder and CEO of the Employee Engagement Awards and Conference. “This is an issue that more organizations are going to have to negotiate well to remain competitive and provide a world-class employee experience.”

TCG President Daniel Turner said, “Our Employee Happiness department has one of the toughest jobs in the company — keeping 140 people happy and connected to each other is no easy feat. Through hard work and a bit of wizardry, the team manages to care for everyone’s needs, and address concerns they may have in and out of the workplace.” 

Some of the tactics TCG uses to drive engagement include: 

  • TCG Social and Charity Sprees: TCGers can organize one social gathering and one volunteer activity each month, and TCG covers up to $1,000 of the costs. Each spree is open to all TCG employees.
  • Birthday & Un-Birthday Coffees: TCG’s Employee Happiness department meets with each employee twice per year to give TCGers a chance to discuss their overall job satisfaction, use of their training budget, use of perks, and more. 
  • TCG Central — company intranet: In addition to being a repository of company information, the intranet is a social media site where anyone in the company can post content, and others can comment, like, share, and engage with their colleagues. 
  • Mirco-bonuses: Using Bonus.ly, TCGers recognize one another for extraordinary achievements by awarding points. Earned points are cashed in for gift cards, charitable donations, and even paid time off. 
  • Around the Water Cooler monthly newsletter: The internal newsletter features Spree recaps, new perk updates, job postings, and other updates from around the company. Nearly 75% of the company reads the newsletter regularly, keeping each other abreast of what’s happening with our colleagues around the company. 

About the Employee Engagement Awards

The Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) is the first and only global awards dedicated to employee engagement. The EE Awards believe in inspiring and educating people to remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose.

About TCG

TCG (https://www.tcg.com) aims to improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day, for our staff, clients, and community. TCG provides the federal government with positively distinct IT and management advisory services in Agile development, Technology Business Management, federal shared services, budget formulation and execution, and health science analytics that help government programs and America succeed.