August 8, 2016

TCG Named to “Small Technology Companies” List for Seventh Year Straight

Now longest-listed company

Washington, D.C., August 8th, 2016: TCG, Inc. is honored to once again be ranked on the Washington Business Journal’s “Small Technology Companies” list, coming in at number 18. The ranking is based on 2015 revenue for companies with less than 150 employees. As the WBJ blog points out, TCG is now the longest-listed company. 

TCG President Daniel Turner explains, “Our mantra for growth has always been ‘Slow but steady.’ In our industry there are risks to growing too quickly, so by tempering our growth we’re better able to provide great benefits and long-term security to our employees. Despite WBJ’s somewhat snarky article, I’m happy to stay on this list for as long as makes sense for our employees.”

First ranked in 2009, TCG has more than quadrupled its revenues and tripled its number of employees since that time. 

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