May 4, 2020

TCG Welcomes New Employee Lifecycle Director

Elizabeth Branner, TCG Employee Lifecycle DirectorExtra happiness and innovation in the offing for employee engagement and development.

TCG is excited to announce that Elizabeth Branner has joined the Employee Happiness team as the company’s first Employee Lifecycle Director. Her responsibilities at TCG will initially cover career paths and compensation philosophies, and she will take a new look at approaches to performance management. This new position is part of TCG’s ongoing efforts to improve how our industry ensures IT and management consultants thrive. 

Branner had been in charge of human resources at TechnoServe Inc. in Washington DC, where she directed talent management and ran programs for the company’s Latin American region. Previously she was the executive director of The Festival Center, a DC nonprofit that helps provide affordable housing, medical care, and social services. Also notable: she is an accomplished pianist. 

“We took our time—9 months—to find the right person for this position,” said TCG President Daniel Turner. “Elizabeth has the perfect combination of interestingly wide and directly applicable experience to be a great TCGer. As the Employee Lifecycle Director of our Happiness team, Elizabeth will lead efforts to make our employees’ experience even better. With her help, we will continue to innovate and ensure that TCG helps our people thrive at work, home, and in their communities.” 

TCG has reimagined HR functions into three strands: traditional HR (hard benefits, compliance, legal issues, etc.), Happiness (engagement, training, career support, soft benefits), and Recruiting. This approach has been key to making TCG a Washington Post Top Workplace, Great Place to Work, and the North American Company of the Year for employee engagement.

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