April 1, 2024

TCGers Selected for Prestigious 2024 ACT-IAC Associates Program

We are excited to announce that Daniel Lichtenstein, TCG’s Business Development Executive, and Matthew Hough, Capture Analyst, will be participating in the 2024 ACT-IAC Associates program. Daniel has been named an Industry Coach/Vice Chair and Matthew an Associate. 

The Associates Program prepares entry-level professionals with up to six years of experience for their future roles as leaders in government and industry. This unique program fosters career growth through coaching and classroom training as well as independent and team exercises.

As an Industry Coach, Daniel will bring 17 years of experience and expertise in the Federal and private sector. His impressive track record includes serving as the Director of Federal Programs at Apptio, where he achieved the first-ever direct-to-government award. He is also a graduate of the ACT-IAC Voyagers program.

For the past five years, Matthew has supported business development and strategic growth and capture initiatives. He has a background in professional management, business operations, and intelligence and inferential analysis. His experience has been integral in helping TCG shape, bid, and win work supporting Federal agencies.

Congratulations to Daniel and Matthew!