November 21, 2016

Think Different, Save Smart: TCG Makes Distinct Impact on Government With Savings of More Than $1 Billion

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2016 — TCG, Inc. announced today that it has exceeded its Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal of saving the government more than $1 billion through improved use of technology. While TCG has been helping customers save since its launch more than 20 years ago, this savings goal was initiated in 2000 and today the company is proud to announce a documented savings of $1,012,945,139.

“At TCG, we like to say that we bring something new to the table, but we aren’t new to the game,” said Daniel Turner, president of TCG. “We pride ourselves on having a distinct approach, applying a fresh perspective and years of experience to everything we do. By combining best practices in IT project management with an agile technical approach, we bring our customers strategic solutions that guarantee results – and that’s the key to success and savings.”

TCG saved money by identifying ways to improve efficiency while promoting clients’ core missions. In addition to cost savings, customers saw numerous benefits, including improved communications, a reduction in duplicative development, streamlined processes and procedures for better project workflow management, and others.

“As in any large organization, government has opportunities for cost savings. While other companies often talk about reducing costs, very few have been able to make that happen and demonstrate actual savings,” said Turner. “We want to show that we are serious about saving money— we have been since the start of this company — and that there are practical means to achieve tremendous savings, even for small companies.”

TCG documented savings in the following areas:

  • System and software reuse: Working hard isn’t always working smart — why create new when it’s possible to reuse code and frameworks? TCG reused code and frameworks to save time and money on new projects and worked from open-source off-the-shelf software to customize solutions and will make it easier to upgrade systems in the future. While others were reinventing, TCG saved $384,932,474 by reusing.
  • Process implementation and improvement: It may seem simple, but having a solid, strategic process can provide the best roadmap for savings. TCG helped numerous customers and programs evaluate processes through a different lens and determine better, faster, smarter ways to operate. Whether it’s business re-engineering, capital planning, or procurement assistance, TCG saved time and a tangible $68,961,800.
  • Automation: TCG improved manual and paper-based processes by creating software that does the heavy lifting, saving $31,875,500.
  • Return on investment: TCG supports projects whose core mission is to improve productivity and we help customers make smart investments in IT solutions. The return on these investments totaled a savings of $495,528,012.
  • Telework: TCG can’t claim to be telepathic, but it is a master of telework. Nearly 75 percent of the TCG staff work from home all or part of the week. This results in more efficiency and reduced costs (e.g. eliminating travel costs, stipends, overhead), ultimately a savings of $22,811,768.
  • Use of higher level programming languages: By using programming languages that are easier to read, write, and maintain, TCG saved developers time and totaled a savings of $5,069,496.
  • Staff augmentation and other support: By improving staffing efficiencies and cutting overhead costs, TCG realized an extraordinary savings of $3,766,089.

Through these and other industry-leading best practices, TCG is tracking, documenting and reporting enormous savings for taxpayers and the agencies that serve them. With this Positively Distinct approach, TCG is leading the way for the rest of industry to think different and save smart. To learn how TCG accomplished its Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, go to

About TCG
TCG is an award-winning small business that specializes in tailored information technology solutions and advisory services with a particular focus on grants management, collaboration platforms, and budget formulation and execution. TCG transforms information technology infrastructures and inconsistent processes into integrated environments built on reusable functionality, consistent business processes and interoperable infrastructures. The multiple awards that TCG and its clients have received demonstrate the benefits of using best practices such as CMMI, ITIL and PMBOK to meet complex technology and management needs.

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