6 Steps to Implementing Technology Business Management at Your Agency

For federal CIOs and CFOs who are interested in accelerating TBM at their agency, this paper outlines the process needed to successfully roll out TBM and deliver meaningful insights in just six steps.


Since the 2019 federal budget submission, the Office of Management and Budget has increasingly adopted Technology Business Management principles. By extension, so have the 26 IT Dashboard reporting agencies. Initiating a TBM program requires strategic coordination and communication with players from several areas of the agency, buy-in from the top and bottom, and clear metrics regarding the desired goals. This paper outlines the process federal leaders need to take to roll-out TBM at their agency and go beyond simple compliance mandates to truly reap the insights, transparency, and value that can only be learned though TBM.

What to Expect:

  • Guidance for federal executives who are working with or are curious about practical steps to use TBM
  • An outline of activities needed to create a TBM maturity roadmap
  • Evaluation criteria to assess the TBM maturity at your agency and define next steps

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