Be Alert for Recruiting Phishing Scams

TCG was recently alerted that our company name and reputation are being used in a phishing scam. 

If you received an “offer” from based on simply filling out a form, you are the target of a phishing scam. The offer is NOT from TCG and is fraudulent. As part of our employment process TCG will never ask you to pay for 

  • a background investigation or document check,
  • any equipment,
  • any training,
  • a flight to anywhere, or
  • any gift cards for any reason.

We have credit cards and relationships with vendors, and will use only our own money to cover the cost of employing you.

Update on 11/30/23: The fraudulent domain has been suspended at least for the moment. The scammers may try to use another, similar domain. All legitimate job postings for TCG are listed under “Open Positions” at

Please note: 

  • TCG never makes a job offer solely on the basis of filling out a form. 
  • TCG does not mandate a specific computer system, and we would never ask you to buy it for yourself. (If you hadn’t gotten to that level of the scam yet, it’s part of the enticement.)
  • The domain “” is not a domain owned by TCG, and no “Scott Brandon” has ever worked for TCG.

If you received an email from this domain or individual, you did not apply for a job with TCG. We suspect that you didn’t even apply for a job with the scammers. The email you received is probably based on your status on LinkedIn or Facebook or equivalent.

We’re really upset that this is happening. Per our lawyers, there’s little opportunity for us to stop these scammers. We have requested that their domain and mail server be taken down, but that’s the limit of our power.

While there may be variations, the phishing emails read as follows: