Call for articles: USA Services Intergovernmental Solutions newsletter

Just received this call for articles via the National Grants Partnership mailing list. Looks like a good opportunity to raise awareness about those doing good work! 

USA Services Intergovernmental Solutions publishes a newsletter that reports on trends and successes in information technology from around the world. The newsletter provides highlights from federal, state, local and international governments, as well as industry and academia. 

The next edition will look at how e‑government is changing society and strengthening democracy.  E‑government depends on communications technologies and the Internet to encourage citizen participation in government by making government seamless, transparent and accessible.  Technology can make government processes more accessible by expanding citizen participation in public policy decision-making giving citizens a broader influence in policy outcomes.  This increases the potential for smarter policies, transparency, accountability, and keeps the government closer to the consent of the governed. This direct relationship between individuals and their representatives can result in improved public trust.

We are seeking articles that share e‑democracy lessons, projects and tools, particularly between government and its citizens and between citizens themselves.  For example:

The importance of citizen participation Creating a venue for citizen inclusion and government transparency Designing technology to constructively encourage deliberation by citizens on public issues Challenges of citizen engagement Creating a digitally enabled society Limiting factors and barriers Balancing citizen expectations and government requirements Establishing security and trust On-line tools for social networking and decision making Adapting structures and decision-making processes to ensure that the results gathered are analyzed, disseminated and used E‑Petitions Electronic citizen juries ‑Implementing a citizen based deliberative process Public comment on agency regulations Participatory Budgeting Using on-line citizen engagement the provide opportunities for all citizens Determining what drives citizens to get involved Identifying problems with citizen identification Using mobile technologies, interactive digital television and other technologies to complement the internet and traditional engagement methods.

If you would like to highlight your experience strengthening democracy through e‑government in the upcoming Intergovernmental Newsletter, contact Lisa Nelson at or (202) 208‑2530.

Articles should be 1,000 words or less and must be received by Friday, June 1, 2007.  Please include the author’s name, title, organization, telephone number, and e‑mail address with your submission. Thank you.

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