Government collaboration nirvana!

If you haven’t already checked out the COLAB wiki, you are a horrible individual and should be ashamed of yourself. Well, okay, maybe you should not feel quite so guilty about it but don’t delay in scooting over there to check it out right now. I mentioned this site in relation to an NIH Web 2.0 discussion last year and again earlier this week. The COLAB’s site scope is cross-agency and increasingly cross-domain, as the ExpeditionWorkshop series demonstrates. 

These workshops are open to everyone who’d care to participate, and feature topics such as: 

  • Transcending Socio-Cultural Boundaries in Virtual Work Settings: Creative Collaboration Efforts At the Intersection of Law and Public Policy
  • Emergent Sector Readiness: Drawing Out the Power of Story, Standards, Software as a Service, and Strategy
  • Scientific Organizing, Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation: Tapping the Best Wisdom of the Past and Present to Inform our Shared Future

If you’ve an interest in collaboration in government, and how IT is supporting it, COLAB is a great place to discuss the methods and means with like-minded folks. To get involved, contact Susan Turnbull at GSA.