GPC Webcast available soon

I missed the GPC webcast last week due to another commitment, and didn’t know about the problem that was mentioned in the mailing list yesterday: 

Yesterday’s Webcast was unable to be viewed outside of HUD due to an unfortunate and unusual technological problem caused by a break in Verizon’s fiber optic cables. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. Please know that the situation was out of the control of either the Grants Policy Committee or HUD.

The Webcast was otherwise successful and proceeded as planned. The panel fielded questions from the in-studio audience, as well as from the HUD community and questions that came in via email.

The archived version of the Webcast will be available in the next day or two from our website at We have extended

the period within which you may submit Webcast questions by one week to April 8, 2008.