New technology transfer resource

Sharon McLoone’s Small Business blog pointed out a great resource for entrepreneurs looking for new innovations to take to market: the

iBridge Network. This is 

“an online searchable database with the latest news in research, technologies and findings at U.S. universities. The database was launched early this year. It enables universities to gain exposure for their research, allows industry leaders to examine what universities are doing and entrepreneurs can examine research that might inspire startups. The database, which currently lists about 700 innovations, also offers purchasing and licensing agreements.” 

This could be a wonderful addition to the technology transfer marketplace. We built Interagency Edison, which is the government’s system for tracking inventions and patents created through federal grant funding, so this is a subject close to our hearts. We’ve often felt that it’d be hugely beneficial to open up that database (within reasonable limits, of course, in accordance with privacy and trade secret concerns) to a broader audience, so government, taxpayers, and businesses alike could explore the uncapitalized treasures that lie within. Maybe the iBridge Network will start that process in a different form!