Open source tools available from UC Berkeley

Ken Geis of UC Berkeley sent me this e‑mail today and I thought others would be interested in his tools. They help with the PureEdge forms right now and Ken plans to update them for the new Adobe forms (and would welcome help!). From Ken’s e‑mail:

I thought you might be interested in the tools I developed at UC Berkeley to help us out with applications. I recently Open Sourced the programs. They are at

You can try them out at



And from the Sourceforge site: 

  • XFOM is a library for reading, writing, and manipulating XFDL (PureEdge) e‑forms. It provides an object model for XFDL.
  • FormFiller is a web application for pre-filling key information in a application package. For example, it can fill in institutional information such as the contact information for the Authorized Organizational Representative and contact information for the Principal Investigator. It can also modify the behavior of the form; for example, if the application is for NIH, the NIH Commons ID is required on the R&R Key Person Profile form.
  • FormChecker is a web application for validating application packages before submitting them. It includes some agency specific validations on top of the basic validations performed by the application package.

As open source, anyone can adopt, update, and elaborate upon these tools — so go to it! Big kudos to Ken and UC Berkeley for making this code freely available. 

[Updated 4/21/2007 11:29 EDT: Changed text to reflect new information; according to Ken, the tools will be updated to support Adobe forms.]