Our High Road Story So Far…

Last year, TCG made a pledge to be a High Road Employer. A High Road Employer supports a set of principles developed by the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) that encourages businesses to better serve their employees and the world around them by making a commitment to follow 10 principles. These 10 principles increase the responsibility of employers to provide the best employment experience for an individual and their family.

Since taking the pledge, TCG President Daniel Turner has since introduced several new employee benefits and TCG has achieved a corporate certification that proves the company’s positive impact on the world. He notes, “The High Road Employer concept is aimed at setting a minimum standard of workplace practices around the country. It’s a good start. But a wise High Road Employer must continue to prove their philosophy by improving and raising the bar every year.”

TCG raised the bar this year on a number of High Road principles with some Positively Distinct employee benefits:

Graphic matching TCG's employee benefits that are in line with the High Roads principles.

In addition to improving employee benefits, TCG has worked toward making improvements to and raising the bar on responsible business practices. In early 2019, TCG became a Certified B Corporation. As a B Corp, TCG was required to change its bylaws and publish an annual report. Certified B‑corps, however, must be audited by B Labs on volunteer service policies, healthcare offerings, diversity and inclusion, energy and water use, and numerous other social responsibility and sustainability factors. Similar to the High Road Employer pledge, TCG’s B Corp certification mandates that the company follows a path of improvement and similar tenants of employee wellness and environmental sustainability.

In raising the bar for employers’ accountability, TCG regularly emphasizes and exemplifies the continuous improvement model of ASBC’s High Road pledge by adding unique benefits. Now, with a B Corp certification, TCG can prove the impact of the High Road principles and help meet the goal to create a more sustainable economy.