PMA scores improve for e‑gov

GovExec reports today that agencies are generally improving their e‑gov scores against the President’s Management Agenda. The scorecard shows that: 

  • For progress of implementation:
  • Interior, Justice, DOT, VA, SBA, and SSA are all scored red (“unsatisfactory”)
  • Defense, EPA, DHS, Treasury, Corps of Engineers, and OPM all got yellow (“mixed results”)
  • All others got green — more agencies than ever before are making progress on e‑gov
  • E‑gov scores overall:
  • Only Education, HUD, Labor, NSF, and SSA achieved green, with Education and HUD gaining that status this time around
  • Defense, DHS, Interior, Justice, DOT, VA, Corps of Engineers, OPM, and SBA scored red, with SBA falling to that status
  • All others were yellow