We’ve been supporting Treasury for 10 years, but people sometimes still ask, 

“What does TCG stand for?”

“What does TCG stand for?”

We tell them we stand for improving the world through our support for government clients, such as OMB, Budget LoB, Treasury, and Millennium Challenge Corporation. 

We stand for delivering the solutions clients need by leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in Agile development, shared services, DevSecOps, and project management. We stand for our core values of transparency, collaboration, investing ourselves in the project and proving our value to clients. 

Then they normally say, “We know that but what do the ‘T”, ‘C’, and ‘G’ stand for?” 

Nothing anymore. We modernized and cut inefficiencies, including long company names. 

Here’s how

10 Years Delivering Solutions for Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Services Budget Formulation and Execution Manager

TCG has supported the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service for more than 10 years on the Budget Formulation and Execution Manager (BFEM) program, a digital platform through which 17 agencies transact $3 trillion of annual budget formulation and execution of federal dollars. TCG also worked alongside the Bureau of Fiscal Service to come up with a seamless migration and modernization plan for BFEM, leading the development of the UI, user experience, and supporting database infrastructure. 

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Shared Services and Agile are in our DNA. Confusing for our staff geneticist but great for delivering value to Treasury.
<h2>Innovative Shared Service Solutions with the Budget Line of Business </h2>

Innovative Shared Service Solutions with the Budget Line of Business 

TCG worked with the Budget LoB to develop an award winning tool to manage the complex, workflow-driven apportionment process. The Apportionment Manager leverages the software-as-a-service model (Saas) with Atlassian Jira, Sharepoint integration, and a plugin that TCG helped develop, that enables developers to quickly create a user friendly interface for budget experts. The tool accelerates affordable acquisition that enables agencies to quickly complete the apportionment process while cutting costs in development and maintenance.

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Dept. of the Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Services OneARC Strategic Support Services (OSSS)

TCG is a prime contractor on the OneARC Strategic Support Services (OSSS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). Through this BPA, TCG will provide the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Administrative Resource Center (ARC) with project management, systems development and quality assurance, data analytics, and other support services.

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We leverage Agile for quality solutions. We don’t shovel Agile BS. We think Archimedes would agree with this approach, but we know it works for our clients at OMB and elsewhere.
<h2>Using Agile to Scale Shared Services at OMB MAX</h2>

Using Agile to Scale Shared Services at OMB MAX

Our 80-person team provides Agile and DevOps software development for the MAX.gov suite, a collection of tools for collaboration, data collection and architecture, document management, and cyber security. We put our 25 years of shared service experience to work, supporting the 180-agency Partner Community through maintaining and enhancing the suite of shared services. 

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To learn more about how TCG can help modernize programs and support the Dept. of the Treasury, contact Michael Drescher at 703–969-7010.


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