Exceptional Service. Exceptional Solutions. 

Exceptional Service. Exceptional Solutions. 

We’re not just crowing! Our federal clients at USITC, OMB, MCC, and NIH have given us Exceptional CPARS ratings in all categories.

Whether supporting programs that support farmers in rural America or legislators on Capitol Hill, we deliver top-notch solutions on time and on budget. And we make sure that the work we do improves the world around us.

We use data analytics, Agile, and DevOps to build and modernize the resources that strengthen government’s services to America.

Building and modernizing solutions for the future

We use open source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, and federal shared services to keep costs down, enable modernization, and prevent government from being locked-in to specific software or vendors (including us). With TCG, you can expect objective analysis and qualified recommendations to find cost-advantageous solutions that exceed the technical and business requirements.


Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Operations, Maintenance, and Enhancements

MCC’s investments in agriculture support job creation and reduce poverty by financing the infrastructure, training, and access to markets that farmers need to boost local economies. Since 2013, TCG has supported MCC’s mission by providing operations, maintenance, and enhancements of mission-critical databases, applications, and systems. We use a tailored Agile methodology to provide full lifecycle development support using a wide range of technologies. Our work has improved the quality of work products, allowing MCC to adapt quickly to evolving requirements and provide timely data to business users and grantees across the world. 

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Scaling for mission success

We understand what’s needed to manage enterprise-scale, complex IT programs and still give you the personalized attention you want. For over 25 years, TCG has helped agencies align resources to achieve common goals, support their missions, and deliver meaningful outcomes for the country.


U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC)

USITC is a small agency with big responsibilities. Decisions and actions taken by USITC on trade law, policy, and tariffs have a huge impact on the US economy. For this reason, the data and analyses provided by USITC systems must be reliable and accurate. TCG helps USITC identify manual processes, refactor legacy applications, and improve and automate business processes to meet stated objectives. We identify and present stakeholders with options of latest technology stack, review and analyze current manual processes, improve software design and delivery process, introduce tools for automation, and overall help the agency to transition from a legacy and manual process to refactored reactive framework applications and an automated business process. DevOps is a natural complement to our Agile software development practices. Our team is structured to be cross-functional for flexibility and is integrated with USITC’s existing administration team on a technical and functional level. 

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Facilitate collaboration and shared resource use

Each agency has its mission and each mission has programs and systems to support it. TCG addresses the common needs of agencies and creates custom solutions for their unique needs.



OMB is a lynchpin at the heart of government, directly supporting the President’s budget development and management of every agency. MAX.gov is central to that mission. Over 235,000 users at 180 agencies use MAX.gov to collaborate, share knowledge, collect data, and analyze data to accelerate their missions. 

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We share your concern for sustainable environmental practices and social services. As a Certified B Corporation, TCG’s goal is to produce positive outcomes for the public. Supporting farmers — the backbone of our country — speaks directly to our mission and commitment as a B Corporation.

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To learn more about how TCG can help modernize programs and USDA Farm Service Agency, contact Bill Hough at 202–742-8480 or email bill.hough@tcg.com.

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