Federal Shared Services that Accelerate Government

MAX.gov is a prime example of how a product, designed as a shared service with interagency collaboration, can be retooled to accomplish extraordinary goals for government.

Initially created to support the federal budget submission process, MAX.gov is a suite of tools that facilitate collaboration, information sharing, data collection, business intelligence, and authentication tools and services. Using these wide parameters, visionaries in government have repurposed a budget formulation tool to map the size and strength of earthquakes, ensure the safe operation of hospital equipment, visualize complex data sets, and many other purposes. MAX now serves over 200,000 users at 180 agencies across government!

This infographic shows how applications in the MAX.gov suite have been reimagined to support a range of programs and missions across government and can give your own agency the technical foundation for your own programs.


Infographic explaining how MAX.gov has been retool to preform out-of-the-box tasks for the federal goverment.