Regulating and working with massive industries is a challenge.
TCG can help.


We offer something better.

To continue to protect consumers and ensure food, prescription drugs, medical technology, and more are safe and available, the FDA needs to move beyond legacy systems and processes to keep pace with the industries they regulate. 

But moving on from legacy systems and processes means moving on from legacy government contractors and their cookie-cutter approach. TCG specializes in supporting the regulatory agencies that are foundational to a thriving economy and healthy citizenry.


Better Means…

Breaking the inertia of organizational silos.

A fragmented approach to IT portfolio management is the inertial state of many Federal agencies and comes with a host of downsides. 

  • Proliferation of individual applications
  • Rogue applications and shadow IT
  • Redundancy and financial waste
  • Inability to share and leverage data across the organization
  • Static data products with high LOE for creation and distribution

Breaking this inertia requires building a different framework that aligns the entire enterprise and drives collaboration.

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Case Study: Breaking Data Silos at the SEC


Developing systems for today’s requirements
AND strategic, long-term goals.

Regulatory agencies work in complex environments with technology increasing the speed and scale at which industries operate. Continually putting band aids on old systems has diminishing returns.

TCG drives strategic innovation by leveraging the latest technologies while saving costs and reducing risks through smart implementation.

  • AI Enabled Technologies
  • Customized Software as a Service
  • Infinitely Scalable Cloud Services
  • Tailored Agile Development

Case Study: The FCC’s Public Commenting System Securely Scales Up as Demand Grows

Webinar: Harnessing Transparent AI


Transforming historical and new data into actionable knowledge.

The FDA’s regulatory work ranges from farm to fork and from clinical trials to monitoring tobacco advertisements, with partners in industry, state governments, and other Federal agencies.

The FDA needs data management that makes up-to-date information readily available, facilitates collaboration, and drives decision making. 

TCG’s work has included:

  • Data Strategy and Quality Standards
  • Database Architecture and Management
  • Visualization and Analytic Application Development

News: SEC Launches Agency-Wide Data Visualization Tool


What Our Customers Say About Us

“They find ways to get things done faster. [The TCG team] earned respect of world-class SEC market experts (no weird eye rolls). They cover all the bases so well that there is less management burden on federal staff. Best contractor performance at SEC.

To learn more about how TCG can support programs at FDA, contact Daniel Lichtenstein at (443) 956‑4565


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