November 13, 2023

SEC Launches Agency-Wide Data Visualization Tool

Dashboard iconLast month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Data Visualization and Insights (DVI) team celebrated the official launch of the Database for Commission Statistics (DCStats) for SEC-wide use.

In September 2020, TCG was awarded a contract to support the SEC’s Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO)’s Data Insights and Data Visualization initiative. As part of this contract, TCG supported the development of DCStats, an application that allows any SEC user to create data visualizations using the substantial economic and financial data that the SEC uses to protect investors; maintain market fairness, orderliness, and efficiency; and facilitate capital formation.

Over the course of the application’s development, the DVI team led the entirety of the design and development work, while also curating hundreds of datasets to be used in visualizations.

DCStats is part of the SEC’s larger data analytics and visualization strategy, which TCG supports by developing data applications which visualize, interpret, store, and monitor historic and live market data. These applications offer easily digestible snapshots of stock market data and help the SEC identify potential patterns of financial wrongdoing.

TCG is immensely proud of supporting the SEC’s mission through our contributions to the DVI team and DCStats.

Congratulations to the SEC and the DVI team!