October 3, 2023

TCG Continues Support of Vital Digital Platform for Federal Budgeting

Gear around a US dollar sign.We’re happy to announce that TCG will continue to provide development and O&M support to the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service’s Budget Formulation and Execution Manager (BFEM). This is a single award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). In addition to the BPA, TCG was awarded the first task order to provide operations and maintenance of bfem.gov for the next fiscal year through September 2024

This is TCG’s third generation contract vehicle supporting BFEM. The scope of work for the BPA includes:

  • Application Support and System Development
  • O&M Support
  • Development and Maintenance of BFEM reports/templates/data imports/data exports

BFEM serves as the backbone for about a dozen agencies’ end-to-end budget formulation process, managing billions of federal dollars. Agencies use the tool to submit congressional budget justifications that list agency priorities, requested budget levels, and performance plans; work on draft budgets reviewed by the White House and passed back to agencies; construct investment portfolios; and run frequent reports and reviews to monitor and manage Capital Planning and Investment Controls for IT expenditures.