November 23, 2020

Positively Distinct TCG Featured in Book on High-Performance Workplace Cultures

In a new book written by a leading figure in workplace cultures and effectiveness, TCG is highlighted for its innovative approachto employee wellness. The Culture Quotient: Ten Dimensions of a High-Performance Culture (Idea Press) is by Greg Besner, the Founder and Vice Chairman of CultureIQ, a global company that helps organizations create high-performance cultures. The book provides tangible data, tips, and ideas to help leaders cultivate a positive culture. In the course of describing the 10 qualities of high-performance cultures, and through firsthand accounts from leaders across industries, Besner shows the important results of culture initiatives in action. 

For the feature story on wellness (pp. 122–127), Besner details how TCG’s Employee Happiness Department facilitates work-life balance, maintains connectedness among its remote workforce, provides opportunities for colleagues to recognize excellence, and integrates core values into daily interactions.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share our hard-won insights with the larger business community,” said Daniel Turner, President of TCG. “Might it create more competition to share our best practices? Absolutely! But raising the bar of how businesses approach employee wellbeing makes the world a better place, and our mission is to improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day. Happy employees are good for productivity and performance, and their good will and happiness can spread to other parts of their lives and our society. It’s really pretty simple — make people happier, and everyone benefits.”

The book is available in hardcover or Kindle on Amazon

Besner founded CultureIQ in 2013, and since then he and his firm have helped more than one thousand organizations and millions of employees strengthen their company culture.

“Business leaders recognize that they need to focus on company culture as a top priority more than ever,” says Besner. “The way we do business has changed, but the tenets of a strong company culture remain the same. Without focusing on the long-term impacts our current climate will have on employees, companies will struggle. ‘The Culture Quotient’ is the handbook for culture that will guide readers every step of the way as they create or strengthen their organizations.”

About TCG

TCG ( aims to improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day, for our staff, clients, and community. TCG provides the federal government with positively distinct IT and management advisory services in Agile development, federal shared services, budget formulation and execution, and health science analytics that help government programs and America succeed.