March 16, 2016

TCG Improves Adoption Assistance Benefit

Raises reimbursement funds for all employees

Building on the success of last year’s award-winning adoption benefits, TCG recently announced an increase in adoption reimbursement benefits to $10,000. This is an additional $2,500 reimbursement over the amount available last year. The reimbursement is to help cover legal fees, court costs, adoption agency fees, and travel expenses.

TCG also implemented a new Adoption Assistance Plan. Similar to a Dependent Care FSA, TCG employees can set aside a predetermined amount of money per pay period to help pay for adoption-related assistance. Per IRS regulations, the cap is set at $13,460, but since TCG provides $10,000 of that, a TCG employee need only contribute $3,460 to get to the maximum. 

To explain why he felt compelled to add these new benefits, TCG President Daniel Turner said, “Adopting a child one of the most difficult, expensive, and absolutely amazing things that a family can do. I want to do my part to make adoption just a little bit easier for our employees, and will continue to look for ways to do just that as our program evolves.”