January 4, 2016

TCG’s Partners Enthusiastically Recommend the Company as a Trusted Prime

Overall Subcontractor happiness up from last year

TCG’s annual subcontractor survey shows that the company continues to develop and maintain strong and healthy partner relationships, and delivering increasing value and benefits to its customers.

Every year, TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, management of contracts, communications management, administration, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to identify areas where TCG can improve its relationships with suppliers and service to customers.

On average, TCG’s subcontractors gave the company a rating of 9.5/10 on whether they would recommend us to a friend. As in prior years, TCG’s management processes and responsiveness were highly praised. Other highlights include:

  • 80% said TCG is an excellent prime contractor, while the remaining 20% rated us as “good.” No subcontractor rated us as “fair” or “poor.”
  • 94% said that they were always paid on time, all the time.
  • 89% are “highly” enthusiastic about teaming with TCG as their prime contractor again in the future.

On his review of the survey results, TCG’s President, Daniel Turner, said, “This survey has been an invaluable tool in helping us to mature our processes and business throughout the years. Just last year our subcontractors identified several areas where we could improve, and we’ve addressed those opportunities. We’ll never be perfect, but we appreciate our subcontractors’ honesty in pushing us to be better.”

The survey was done between August and November, 2015, and represented 100% of TCG’s current subcontractors. Opportunities for improvement identified this year include doing more to communicate with subcontractors, particularly when there is a contractual change that may affect them. This and other suggestions are currently under consideration by the TCG Executive Management Team.