September 25, 2014

TCG is a ‘Fastest Growing Company,’ says Washington Business Journal

Company capabilities generate area-leading growth

TCG, a leading government technology strategy and IT advisor, has been named by The Washington Business Journal (WBJ) as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Greater Washington area.

“The companies that made this year’s list of WBJs Fastest Growing Companies are led by some truly remarkable men and women,” says the WBJ. “The CEOs come from a variety of backgrounds but they possess very similar traits when it comes to running a growing business.”

Dan Turner, TCG’s President, said this about the honor: “As always, it is a privilege to be on a list with these companies. We are proud of our growth, and we are proud to be in a region that is becoming more interesting by the day. And, of course, we are amazed that so few companies are growing faster than we are. We’re slow! Come on, people, get with the program!”

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