March 29, 2012

Project: Facebook Data Liberation — Part 2

Back in Part 1 I explained why I’m making this HTML5 application. The condensed version of what I’m making is a web/mobile app that can read a running/fitness Facebook group feed, display the complete list of posts in it, and scan all the content…
March 28, 2012

GAO to FEMA: Make Sure Grants Programs Do Not Overlap

The GAO can't tell whether four of FEMA's grants programs overlap, because FEMA doesn't collect enough information on recipients.
March 1, 2012

Online Grants Manual Part of Maryland’s Grants Library

The Maryland Governor’s Grants Office has put its grants managers’ manual on its website along with other resources that applicants and administrators might need. One link on the site, for instance. lets businesses download a document that contains  finance programs for…
December 30, 2011

Faster Random Numbers in JavaScript

There is a non-deterministic cellular automaton simulation that I have coded in a few in different languages on everything from a Commodore Vic-20 to an Android phone.  It’s basically a grid populated by various colors that change states based on some random probabilities.  Ok, that…
December 29, 2011

Audio Effects for HTML5 Based Mobile Apps

I’ve been experimenting a bit with HTML5 mobile applications.  One of the funny little corners I’ve found is how to reliably use audio effects across platforms.  The HTML5 spec includes an <audio> tag.  Unfortunately I found it to be a little quirky, especially…

PHP Code Review Checklist

I recently created a code review checklist for a PHP based project I was working on.  If you want to be pedantic, it’s actually a list of questions that the reviewers should ask themselves as they look through the code. This isn’t an exhaustive list…
December 28, 2011

Effective Image Buttons for HTML5 Mobile Apps

Mobile application development doesn’t always mean native apps for iPhone and Android.  If you are an experienced web developer you can use HTML5 to make great apps that have a great look and feel. I’m working on a small HTML5 mobile app that…
December 27, 2011

Standardized Grants Forms: It’s Hard to Make It Easy

Council on Financial Assistance Reform is trying to make it easier for people and organizations to apply for financial assistance.

Identifying Grants Fraud an Updated Old-fashioned Way has been touting its ability to identify waste and fraud in Recovery Act grants, and other grantmaking efforts are taking note. But the most successful methods are also the old-fashioned ones (albeit updated with technology). The outgoing head of…
December 21, 2011

GATB Proposes Standard Grants Identification System

Government Accountability & Transparency Board addresses grants in first report.