GMLOB on Presidential transition radar

I just saw this page from the GAO’s Presidential transition site, which includes the following: 

In 2005, GAO recommended that the Director of the Office of Management and Budget ensure that efforts to develop common grant-reporting systems, such as through this initiative, are undertaken on a timely schedule. Some progress has been made; for example, agencies have been selected to lead consortia. However, the Office of Management and Budget will need to urge the remaining agencies to migrate to those systems to benefit from the consolidation themselves, enable grantees to interact with fewer different systems, and reduce the total cost of managing federal grants. 

GMLOB is included under the “Major Cost Saving Opportunities” section of the site. Let’s hope that the transition team spends some time reviewing the lay of the GMLOB land, and choose to revisit the question of whether the identified centers of excellence are sufficient to meet everyones’ needs. And maybe, just maybe, they will look at Butch’s recommendations for keeping things on track.