HHS launches Pandemic Flu Leadership Blog

HHS has launched a blog to air and discuss issues around pandemic flu! 

On June 13, Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is convening a leadership forum on pandemic preparedness, which brings together highly influential leaders from the business, faith, civic and health care sectors to discuss how best to help Americans become more prepared for a possible influenza pandemic. The Department is hosting this five-week blog summit to expand this conversation as part of an ongoing effort by the Department to help Americans become more prepared. 

But why only five weeks? Why isn’t this an ongoing conversation? I’ve found that our own blog has become much more useful over time because of the people who’ve found it, been drawn into the conversation, and built on the ideas and information provided here. 

Still, small steps. It’s better than putting everything through the Federal Register, at least!