NGMA session — Grants Consolidation and Streamlining: Aligning with the GMLOB

The NGMA Conference is this week and we’re speaking at this session on Thursday morning. I’ll be joined by my fellow TCG-er, Judith Turner, and Darren Ash, Associate CIO at the Department of Transportation. Here’s the abstract: 

This session will describe the processes and difficulties of achieving grants systems consolidation. We will discuss how agencies are looking at their As Is and To Be situations, and finding similarities and differences, and how some processes (e.g. local and regional approval and help with applications) present challenges to as it is presently constituted. 

At the end, we hope you will: 

  1. Understand how the federal government is seeking to streamline grants systems 
  2. Understand the process of developing “as-is” and “to-be” models that aid federal agencies in consolidation efforts
  3. Identify similarities and differences across organizations and the government
  4. Understand the gaps and disparities between government-wide systems and agencies’ existing systems

So come along! You might learn something and it’d be good to meet you.