OMB wants your ideas on how to improve federal programs!

Via the ever-vigilant Cornelia Chebinou of the NGP and NASACT:

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget has established to gather solutions and best practices to improve service delivery, payment accuracy, administrative efficiency, and reduce access barriers in federally funded assistance programs. OMB has asked that we distribute t the link to this website. 

States and local governments are already addressing these issues head-on and have identified many innovative approaches. is an opportunity for taxpayers, program participants, and Federal, State, and Local program administrators to provide their input and begin a dialogue to better understand some of the on-the-ground best practices in this area. 

This website is also a central element in meeting the transparency and collaboration principles of Executive Order 13520 – “Reducing Improper Payments and Eliminating Waste in Federal Programs.” 

Please join this effort as a partner by contributing your ideas and solutions at

One response to “OMB wants your ideas on how to improve federal programs!

  1. Okay, I submitted my current pet peeve as a suggestion. Here is the text I sent:
    Issue or concern:
    Many agencies release RFPs in an electronic format that is like a picture of a page. This is not accessible.
    Since all government documents are at some point electronic, require that they be released as native electronic documents so they can be copied, annotated, and — most important — read aloud for those whose vision is impaired. This will also save paper and accrue societal benefits for that, because it will make it possible for interested parties to annotate the documents without having to print them first.

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