The Arlington Group shuts down

I just found out today that The Arlington Group, a provider of grants management software, has shut down! I hadn’t heard that they’d exited the marketplace or — more startlingly — closed completely. Their product, Easygrants, was a Microsoft .Net-based system and, to my knowledge, the only grants management product running on the Microsoft platform. (Infoterra’s Grantium 2.5 runs on Microsoft but version 3 is on J2EE.)

This is quite significant news. I had expected to see consolidation in the marketplace — not closure!

2 responses to “The Arlington Group shuts down

  1. I’m afraid I don’t, Jason. I do know that the company was bought by a group of investors earlier this year but exactly why they suddenly shut down is anyone’s guess. Maybe the investors weren’t getting the return they wanted? Maybe flying monkeys ate their source code? Who knows? Like you, I’d sure like to find out!
    Congratulations on the startup of Solpath, by the way! Great idea!

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