December 13, 2021

96% of Partners Rate TCG as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’

TCG’s Partners continue to be highly enthusiastic about working with the company

Success on any project in the Federal space requires strong communication and trust between everyone. This is especially true for the working relationship between prime contractors and subcontractors. To ensure that we have highly functioning teams on our projects, TCG conducts an annual survey of all our partners. The survey helps us maintain collaborative, fair, honest, and open relationships with all our subcontractors.

96% of our partners responded to the survey, rating TCG on corporate performance, contract management, effectiveness of communications, administrative competence, and other factors. Here are the key findings:

  • 88% of Partners are “highly” enthusiastic about partnering with TCG again
  • 96% of Partners continue to rate TCG as an “Excellent” or “Good” Partner
  • Partners rated TCG 9 out of 10 on “would recommend TCG to a friend”
  • 100% of Partners agree TCG is aware of what is happening on their projects

The survey provides TCG with important information on areas for improvement. In 2019, several partners expressed frustration with a new timekeeping system TCG implemented to improve compliance with federal requirements and reporting for customers. This year, due to actions taken by TCG and greater familiarity with the system, 67% of partners rate TCG’s timekeeping system as “Excellent,” up from 26% the year before. There are always areas for improvement, and TCG will take the data from this year’s survey to make our partnerships even better.

All feedback was shared with TCG management, and actions were assigned across the company to build on the positives and address the negatives. As a growing business, TCG relies on continual improvement to solidify its position as the industry’s most-valued federal IT prime contractor. We thank our Partners for their help in making this happen, both through this survey and the outstanding work they deliver on TCG projects every day.