September 27, 2021

TCG Awarded Contract for FEC E‑Filing Platform

TCG has been awarded the Federal Election Commission E‑Filing contract to assess and develop FECOnline. This is a cloud-based system that federal political campaigns will use to file all required financial contributions information. The contract has a maximum life of 43 months and a ceiling of $11.6 million.

The scope of work includes Agile/Scrum development, DevOps with automated testing and continuous integration/continuous development, and modernization of a legacy system to

The political candidate reporting and disclosure data filed through FEC drives transparency in America’s electoral process. This work builds on TCG’s ethics, financial disclosures, and e‑filing projects at the Office of Government Ethics, US Courts, US International Trade Commission, and elsewhere. More importantly, the project strongly aligns with TCG’s status as a Certified B Corp and the mission to support the development of a more perfect government.