July 16, 2021

TCG Earns National Recognition for Excellence in Workplace Culture

TCG is happy to announce that the company has been honored with seven Top Workplaces — Culture Excellence Awards. We’re happy because these awards suggest our employees are engaged and happy, and we think that’s important for them, for us, and for our clients.

This is the inaugural year for the awards, and TCG was recognized for:

  • Appreciation
  • Compensation
  • Direction
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Formal Training
  • Values
  • Work-Life Flexibility

The winners were determined from an employee survey conducted by Engerage in January of this year, and TCG scored among the top companies for providing fair compensation, meeting employee expectations for their jobs, and offering the training employees want for their careers.

Energage also runs the Washington Post Top Workplaces award, which TCG has received for the last seven years.

“Company culture has a big influence on whether people are engaged and happy in their work, which in turn has a big influence on their overall wellbeing,” said Elizabeth Branner, Vice President of Employee Happiness at TCG. “Instead of letting culture develop on its own—which happens whether you’re paying attention or not—we’ve intentionally built our culture around our core values to ensure that TCGers have a positive and meaningful experience here.”

TCG is certified B Corp, and we are dedicated to offering the best community, culture, and professional development opportunities in the industry. We encourage interested individuals to review our current career openings.

About Energage
Energage helps organizations empower workplace excellence by turning employee feedback into useful talent intelligence and credible employer recognition through Top Workplaces. Built on 15 years of culture research and the results from 23 million employees surveyed across more than 70,000 organizations, Energage delivers the most accurate competitive benchmark available.

About TCG
TCG (https://www.tcg.com) aims to improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day, for our staff, clients, and community. TCG provides the federal government with positively distinct IT and management advisory services in Agile development, federal shared services, budget formulation and execution, and health science analytics that help government programs and America succeed.