Don’t use Adobe 9.0 if you want to apply for a federal grant!

Well, not yet anyway, as this announcement from indicates: 

Adobe Reader 9.0 has been released. We are currently testing this latest version of Adobe Reader and will notify you when testing is complete. We have previously communicated the next release of Adobe Reader to be version 8.1.3. We are working with Adobe to understand why Adobe Reader version 9.0 was released versus Adobe Reader 8.1.3.


7 responses to “Don’t use Adobe 9.0 if you want to apply for a federal grant!

  1. Hi Lee. I haven’t attempted to submit a grant application given’s advice, and won’t until they announce otherwise. Have you?

  2. Hi Dave, yes, I’ve actually run through a good number of scenarios and that’s why I was interested in hearing about any specific issues. The title of this blog sounded like you hit some kind of terrible road block.

  3. Ah, thanks, Lee. The advice from has always been not to use any version of Reader that they haven’t fully tested with their system. Hence the blog post title. Thanks for checking into it, though!

  4. As per the website:
    “Adobe Reader 9.0 is compatible with
    July 10, 2008
    Testing for Adobe Reader version 9.0 is complete. Adobe Reader 9.0 is now compatible with Applicants are required to have a compatible version of Adobe Reader installed to apply for grant applications.”

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